I don't know what I'm talking about.
  1. Matthew McConaughey
    My gawd. Have you guys seeeeen all the stuff he's done? Like he used to just be in rom coms. Now he does everything but only in a way Matthew McConaughey can. V good. I mean have you seeeeen Interstellar? (But also he SLAYED in Sahara.)
  2. Brad Pitt
    HES NOT JUST A PEICE OF MEAT, CYNTHIA. But legit though what a cool dude. He's done so many different characters.
  3. Dakota Fanning
    Who DOESNT remember Dakota Fanning? Oh my goshhhh her in movies when she was little was insane. V good.
  4. Robin Williams
    Yeah he was funny. But sometimes he would have soul sucking eyes that would get you every time. He had the spunk, man. V good actor.
  5. Angelina Jolie
    My GOODNESS, have you even SEEEEEN "Girl Interrupted"?????? She, like Brad, has literally done so many different characters and I'm impressed every time.