(Aka my list app aesthetic) (omg I spelled aesthetic right in the first try you guys.) Some of these were popular, some of these were not. But whatever because self promotion is a shameless bitch. HaHAAAAAA.
  1. Why This Halloween Was The Best Halloween WHY THIS WAS THE BEST HALLOWEEN YET
    This list is close to my heart and is also my essence.
  2. People I Want To Say Sorry To PEOPLE I WANT TO SAY SORRY TO
    This list was my baby AND BOY DID I DELIVER.
  3. Things That Would Make Me Shit My Pants If I Were In A Room With Them THINGS THAT WOULD MAKE ME SHIT MY PANTS IF I WERE STUCK IN A ROOM WITH THEM
    This is the realLIST shit I've ever posted. No doubt no doubt.
  4. TV Shows I'm Too Scared To Watch TV SHOWS I'M TOO SCARED TO START
    I get anxious thinking about this.
  5. Thoughts On True Detective Season 2 THOUGHTS ON TRUE DETECTIVE SEASON 2
    This is just the tip of the iceberg that is the crazy inside my mind.
  6. A Prayer, To The Internet Gods A PRAYER, TO THE INTERNET GODS
    Sometimes I'll think in this accent in my head without noticing and I actually scare myself.
  7. Things I Want To Whisper To A Twin Who Isn't With Their Twin But I Know They Have A Twin THINGS I WANT TO WHISPER TO A TWIN WHO ISN'T WITH THEIR TWIN BUT I KNOW THEY HAVE A TWIN.
    I'm v passionate about twins. That sounds weird. I KNOW.
  8. Things You May Do At My Funeral THINGS YOU MAY DO AT MY FUNERAL
    I mean this so hard.