@joemurphy am I missing anything?
  1. One time I painted my sister's nails when she was asleep and then told her she painted her nails in her sleep.
  2. I think I told @joemurphy that girls don't poop? Idk.
  3. One time I tried to convince my little sister that the letter "W" didn't exist. Idk.
  4. One time I tried to use math to convince my little sister in a matter of fact way that she was actually only 7 when she was in fact 9.
    I. Don't. Know. You guys.
  5. One time I told my little sister that none of us were real and we were all apart of her imagination and that she was actually in comatose as an older lady with a real family in the real world.
    Yeahhhhhh I feel bad about this one...
  6. So yeah...