1. Oh Ye internet gods of old
  2. Why doth thou look upon me with such disfavor??
  3. Doth thou disapprove of my watching of shows through questionably legal sites??
  4. Doth though not care that thy constant poor internet connection doth make my heart grieve?
  5. Have I done something that hath offended thee?
  6. Ye old intended gods, I know you may not appreciate all the Jackie Chan YOUTUBE clips I have been watching of late, but doth that crime be deserving of such a punishment????
  7. I beg of thee, restore my place in thine good graces, and provide for me a link that doth agree with you.
  8. For I must finish this episode of Poldark.
  9. His fancy hair and abs wait for no one.
  10. Will thoust withhold from me that as well?
  11. Show mercy.
  12. In thine name, I pray.
  13. Amen.