Inspired by @mackenzieo bc also a SLUT for these trending lists.
  1. Names Mary. I'm a Murphy.
  2. Like half the people on here are my siblings so watch out.
  3. My lists may come off as "angry" or "psycho" or "really psycho" to you because I use a good amount of profanity, all caps, and different voices, but I prefer to think of it more as being both intensely exasperated all the time while at the same time glaring a hole through your soul from a distance.
    I don't know what any of that meant ^.
  4. I spell things wrong. A lot. Your and you're are not my friends. But this is my cross to bare, not yours.
  5. @joemurphy is my brother. WE BANTER. But mainly I just furiously agree with him or violently rage against him with every fiber of my being. One time he called 911 on accident and I got blamed for it because he didn't fess up. Bitch.
    But ya even though we'll probably end up murdering each other while at the same time somehow poetically saving each other, he gets the relist because blood is BLOOD and yuns all better git that in yuns headddddds. (Oh ya we're from da south🍑✌️)
  6. Honorary Murphys include but are not limited to: @k8mcgarry (mama K8) @michael_circa91 (Mac n Cheese Mike) and @brynelle (it's pronounced BRINnelle YOU ASSHOLES)
  7. Once in a full moon I do the JESSICA CHASTAIN EVERYBODYYYYY👏👏👏👏👏 list. Listen. You're new here so I'll forgive you if you don't get it. But I'll only say this once. You don't have to love J CHAS. Hell you don't even have to like her. *smacks you* But you WILL respect her. *kisses you on forehead*
  8. I feel like I've listed a lot about I'm pretty sure I once said that I was gonna capture the Cady Bros (@stevecady @chriscady) and put them in a museum a la Indiana Jones style.
    I'm sorry for being weird you guys but you get it. You know you're actually aliens. 👐.
  9. Don't FUQ with my Gif game.
  10. I really don't cuss this much IRL.
  11. I don't trust a lot of things.
    ie. Jimmy Fallon, red grapes
  12. Almonds and water are cure alls and if I see ANY shit on list app I'll probably point a metaphorical cannon it's way and unleash my wrath of almond pictures and drinking water GIFs.
    If you don't get it, YOU WILL.
  13. Mainly I'll just yell at you in a very Billy on the Streets like way.
  14. Honest to the lord I really don't know what I list about. I feel like there isn't much consistency. Like Nick Jonas will pop up every now and then.
  15. So yeah I don't know what to tell ya other than this is my actual mental and physical state of being while I list...
  16. 👋.