Ammmmirite Ladiessssss?!?

  1. Separation between church and state, ammmmirite ladies?!?
  2. Human dignity, ammmmmirite ladies?!?
  3. Basic compassion and kindness, AAAAAAAAIRITTTTTE LADIES???
  4. The constitution, am👏🏼miiii👏🏼riiiiite👏🏼laaaaaadiesssss👏🏼?!?
  5. Calling out people's bullshit in an effective manner, ammmmmirite girliesssss?!?
  6. Also the Pope's tweets right now tho, ammmmirite my babetastic soldiers of the lort?!?!?
  7. A ~plethora~ of news sources from which to get information from and to better understand those who disagree with you and how they think so as to communicate efficiently with them oml ladies ammmmmmirite?!?!?
  8. ACLU, ammmmmirite gal palssss?!?