Best Parts About Living in Georgia

  1. This?
    Hiking up the tallest mountain in the state of Georgia is an absolute BITCH but I guess it's fun. The colors are redic.
  2. They're filming Guardians of the Galaxy 2 in ATL so I'm rulllll close to Chris Pratt so there's that
  3. ...😎
  4. Sometimes you get to run away from Black Bears?
  5. The Aquarium is p legit.
  6. Athens is 'ight.
  7. Six Flags is sketch but it's whatever you gotta go because it's a Georgian's rite of passage.
  8. Same with Turner Field
  9. Theres beaches that are not too hot, and not too cold. All you need is a light jacket!
  10. Coke Factory is a tourist hot spot but it's actually pretty cool.
    You get to try all the cokes ever made from different countries. Venezuela's might actually be poison and or acid.
  12. p great food scene in Atlanta
    Suggested by   @anasha
  13. chick fil a
    Suggested by   @anasha
  14. Buford highway!!!
    Suggested by   @anasha
  15. Lenox mall LOL
    Suggested by   @anasha
  16. I love Decatur. I don't live in Georgia but when I worked at Habitat for Humanity I had conferences there, and it was the first place I ever went down south I thought I could live. This is me incredibly drunk with the sous chef at The Iberian Pig. He gave me a kitchen tour because I wanted to see it after I had five bacon infused old fashioneds.
    Suggested by   @sswyryt
  17. Once I heard a lady tell a pretty clever dirty joke on MARTA and when she finished she tried to sell everyone Krispy Kreme
    Suggested by   @gwenjamin
  18. Gotta make a case for Athens! Despite being overrun by undergrads much of the year, it's a great place to live! there are SO many amazing restaurants, great craft fairs and farmers markets, lots of green spaces, and an eclectic artistic community.
    Suggested by   @sarahsolene
  19. Glady's Knight chicken & waffle.
    Soul food!!! Do not leave Atl without trying this place. Always a long wait but it's worth it.
    Suggested by   @mansi3002