1. Susan - Narnia
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    Bows n arrows n shit = me. (Even though she's a real dweeeeb in the books. Ugh.)
  2. Katie Bell - Harry Potter
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    You guys. Have you ever even readdddddd her wiki page? Have you seeeeen how many times she gets injured? Me. It's just me. http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Katie_Bell
  3. Eowyn - LOTR
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    Messy hair and a FUQ the patriarchy attitude = ME.
  4. Juliet - Artemus Fowl
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    Da kick ass lil sister. I ❤️ the Butlers. Also when are they gonna make these movies?????
  5. Violet Baudelaire - A Series of Unfortunate Events.
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    Girl keeps it TOGETHER.
  6. Lizzy - Pride and Prejudice
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    Look. I know. We're alllllll her.
  7. Rosalyn - Calvin and Hobbes
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    Literally me.
  8. (But for real - literally me babysitting lil kids.)
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