Time to set shit RIGHT (this is @joemurphy 's list CHARACTERS ON "LOST" RANKED )
  1. Desmond
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    I didn't not say I'm gonna name my first born after him but whateverrrrrrrr...
  2. Ricardo
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  3. Sun-hwa Kwon
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    Girl you're my rock.
  4. Jin Kwon
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    The Korean flashbacks are the only cool flashbacks. Also I want Jin and Sun to be my mom and dad. Just a lil side note. Like if I were stuck on the island with them, I would just call them mom and dad. Regardless of what they think.
  5. Ana Lucia
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    Nobody fucks with M Rod or her wife beater.
  6. Sawyer
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    You're okay.
  7. Shannon
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    Lol kinda liked her.
  8. This guy
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    Like yeah okay.
  9. Blah blah blah Hurley Clare Charlie Sayid Ben French Lady the others blah blah blah
  10. Kate and Jack
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    🎶they're the worrrrrrrst🎶
  11. John Locke
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    Die you creep.
  12. Fucking. Juliet.
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    I wanna punch her in her stupid face. Because I literally can't stand her. Because she's the worst. And her face is stupid. And I wanna punch it. Because it's stupid. And the worst. Amen.