Hey guys! So my mom and I are looking for possible vacation spots this summer. Mostly looking in the U.S. but if you know of some amazing deals abroad then send em my way! Flights, Rooms, Cool Atractions - Lemme know! (PLZ Gawd let me know I'm trying to have a vacation here.)
  1. So far I've found some pretty dope ass deals on wow airlines. Das it. HALP.
  2. Have you tried Google Flights? I like it because it lets you compare the prices from various airlines and various dates all in one place & it's super helpful
    Suggested by @mirthnuts
  3. Google Flights
    Always finds the cheapest tickets!
    Suggested by @lardvoldemort
  4. You must get the app Hopper
    It's so easy to use and is the best way to compare flights / set alerts / etc
    Suggested by @danrobert
  5. You must get the app GTFO (Get The Flight Out)
    Shows you amazing deals on flights leaving same day - it's like Hotel Tonight but for flights and super spontaneous ppl
    Suggested by @danrobert
  6. Oh also Kayak
    That's what I always used before Hopper but I met the owner and he's a dick
    Suggested by @danrobert
  7. Here to echo Google Flights and Kayak
    Suggested by @edge
  8. Giphy
    Suggested by @michael_circa91
  9. I always use cheapoair.com
    Suggested by @lizabeth
  10. Second kayak. I recommend against cheapoair. They will get you cheaper itineraries occasionally by they'll mix airline carriers that don't codeshare. This was super problematic for me once when I had to change my flight plans due to an emergency. I had no leeway with the airline because it doesn't let you directly book with them.
    Suggested by @aminam