1. She worked at a language research facility with Chimps and Bonobos
    She even got in a @NatGeo magazine for it!
  2. She had seven kids
    Goodness. Like ow. But I mean thanks for giving me life n shit.
  3. She homeschooled us!
    Imagine having to figure out how to teach your kids and actually be successful at it. That's insane.
  4. She runs everyday
    I don't remember a time my mom didn't run. She's one fit 58 year old buhabe.
  5. She teaches kids with disabilities
    She basically figured out how to communicate with this one girl who has Cerebral-palsy. Damn.
  6. She cussed at a black bear trying to get into our trash and almost opened the door to go after it in her blind fit of rage but then I pulled her back with the strength a mother uses to lift a car off her children and then she cussed at me for pulling her back from A BLACK BEAR but then I cussed back at her AND ALL WAS WELL
    She crazy