Just let it out.
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    For the longest time, I thought the movie "A League of Their Own" was actually titled and pronounced "Aleagueoftharone." Like one word. And that's how I said it. But then I learned how to read. And I looked at the video cassette tape and my my damn mind exploded.
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    Again, this is before I learned how to read I guess. But I didn't understand why Princess's Bride was called Princess's Bride. Why was it possessive? Why were people pronouncing it Princess's Bride? Was there a lesbian subtext that somehow alluded my five year old self? Did the Princess have a bride? Did I know what the word Bride meant??
    Picture a five year old me just processing this for like half an hour alone in the basement just intently pondering. But whatever I never thought of it again until some odd years later when I picked up the video box again and actually read it. It was like the gates of heaven open up and the light of gawd shown down upon me. And trust me. I know. I don't πŸ‘ understand πŸ‘ why this πŸ‘ was such πŸ‘ a bigπŸ‘ self made obstacle πŸ‘ for meπŸ‘ to over- πŸ‘ come πŸ‘. ITS CLEARLY NOT POSSESSIVE I KNOWWWWW.
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    @joemurphy too bad, I'm sharing yours.
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    It's "play it by ear." Not "play it by year."
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    The Target logo is a target.
    I was in high school when I realized that. I'm such a dumbass.
    Suggested by @amieshmamie
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    Hens can lay eggs with or without a rooster. I was extremely confused by the implications of the movie Chicken Run before I realized this.
    Suggested by @joemurphy
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    In The Parent Trap, Hallie's nanny's name is CHESSY not Jessy...
    Suggested by @bkfergus
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    That my parents were once children....
    I've had the pleasure of watching my daughters' brains work as I've explained that I was once a baby too...full circle epiphanies!
    Suggested by @ameliaville
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    Perhaps the greatest common epiphany all of us experience is when we realize what sex actually is. As a child, I was always told the vaguest of metaphors. Like its the sixth grade, I don't have time for your subtle bullshit, JUST GIVE IT TO ME STRAIGHT YA? I digress, the image that stood out to me during all of this "sex" "education" was this:
    So obviously, I would only assume that the sex is happening under the blanket. And obviously, the way it works is that the girl and the boy lay down side by side. Then both of their sides open up like Venus fly traps. Somewhere in here the baby gets into the girls side and the sex is completed. I don't remember when I discovered what sex actually was but I still think my whole configuration makes more sense.
    Suggested by @brynelle
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    This logo is not just half a smiley face, but actually a "g" whaaaaaaat??!
    Suggested by @julieklaw