Oh no. No no no no no. No I have all those saved on my computer. You can't just release all that glory at once. So here's a sample...
  1. This is my brother Joe.
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    Some of you know him by the name of @joemurphy .
  2. This is Confident Joe.
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  3. This is Enraged Joe.
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  4. This is Concerned Joe.
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  5. This is Lost Joe.
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  6. This is Grateful Joe
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  7. ...
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  8. ...
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  9. And this is Disgusted Joe.
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  10. Joe likes:
  11. Powerade,
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  12. Reviewing movies,
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  13. ...
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  14. Watching Teen Wolf,
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  15. Celebrating the lil things,
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  16. And making friends...
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  17. ...
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  18. Joe can often be found asking the important questions...
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  19. ...
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  20. Or making groundbreaking observations...
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  21. ...
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  22. Joe can be a lil impulsive
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  23. And a lil hungry
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  24. (He also looks like Nick Miller.)
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  25. He also has great style!
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  26. In the end he's just a concerned big brother
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  27. Who'd rather not see me partake in the drinking of certain beverages.
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  28. Now recently, he's gained some popularity on this site...
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  29. But I just wanna remind everyone on here
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  30. That he's just a dweeb like all the rest of us
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  31. But he's a pretty alright dweeb I guess.
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  32. But to me, he'll always be a small 1800s Russian old lady on her way to 5 am mass in the snow.
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  33. Yerrrrr welcome 😎.