Fall Semester 2016 Lookbook

  1. Our theme for this 2016 semester is: Simple. Clean. Powerful.
  2. Walls: This year we are rebranding our wall decor. No more cluttered collages of vague motivational posters and cool art prints.
  3. No no. This season, we're going absolutely insane over this fresh find. We find that this vintage pop art tiling of the walls is subtly brought to the modern age by its crisp white undertones and cushioned texture. To complete this look you MUST purchase the personalized jacket that just binds everything together.
    So #simple. So #clean. So #empowering. So #onbrand.
  4. Clothing: We wanted to stick with neutrals to say "hey, we're professionals and we're not messing around" but we also added a little pizzaaaaaz into the mix to say "but hey, we like to party."
  5. Shoes: Mary Jane is back in town, bitch, and she has upgraded from frill socks to this this sleek new look that we are absolutely devouring.
    If you can't support it, you need to leave.
  6. Accessories: Very into gaudy heaps of pearls this season tbh.
  7. Hair: We aren't worthy of blonde V Becks, which is why we must bleach our sins away and BECOME blonde V Becks. The only way to redemption is through those razor sharp locks of pure white gold.
  8. Now with that, you're ready to start you're 2016 school year.
  9. But just one more thing.
  10. Forget everything we just told you.
  11. And just go for this.
    Because it's the only look worth going for this season if you wanna be on Top🎶.