1. @dustinboone - Casterly Rock. Bc yo ass is a Lannister no doubt about it. Even though you probably work in the kitchen, you're still rich AF. Casterly Rock is the Eagleton to Winterfell's Pawnee. (Also this photo is a thing and I'm obsessed goodbye.)
  2. @franksars - *Harry Potter sorting hat voice* Hmmm...difficult. VERY difficult. Not Kings Landing, you say? Are you sure? You could be great, you know. And Kings Landing would help you on the way to greatness. There's no doubt about that. No? Well if you're sure...better be....WINTERFELL!
    Here's ya baby dire wolf. #NEXT.
  3. @brynelle - Brotherhood of the Night's Watch. Honestly I'm right there with you. We got in trouble for excessive eye rolling and so the judge was like "DEATH or probation on the wall. Choose bitches." So we joined the brotherhood and it's a drag and we're lazy AF and do stupid shit all the time because we're so bored.
    But when it comes down to it, we'll fight or whatever. Ugh. I'm jut trying to get Jon Snow to fall in love with me the whole time. He doesn't even realize I'm a girl. Ugh.
  4. @joemurphy - Kings Landing. Whore #5.
    Nuff said.
  5. @michael_circa91 - Kings Landing. Whore #3.
    👏clap back👏
  6. @k8mcgarry - this one was tough. V tough. But let's be honest Kate, you're a Wilding from the free lands beyond the wall. Aka you're a general bad ass with modeling looks that are fresh as feck.
  7. @vmacies - I dub thee ...LANNISTER. You're love of Juliet from LOST is not to be trusted. Hence.
  8. @mackenzieo - King's Landing. No doubt. You play the game up there with bald monk, creep master, priest guy, and tyrion. But be careful...bitches have spies er'where and little finger is always tryna kill you. But you always have something up your sleeve.
  9. @chriscady - you're a mother frickin Greyjoy from the Iron Islands. And you absolutely hate it. Everyday you wake up and are like "dear gods, make me a bird. So I can fly far, far away from here." Constantly rolling your eyes. You end up getting into trouble for this like me and @brynelle and get sent to the Night's watch.
    Upon your sentencing your rolled your eyes and said "thank god." We all high five when we see each other at the wall.
  10. @stevecady - The Eyrie. You're insane. You live here so you're automatically insane. Gods help you. But you're insane. I'm sorry.
  11. @dfly - Winterfell. Because you are in fact, Rickon. And you named your dog Shaggy Dog. Just saying.
  12. @saytrumbo - Targaryen Nomad. Danny ain't got shit on you. You probably wear like a cool cape with a cool hood that makes you mysterious. Much like Frodo's sword, Sting, your hair changes color from black to white whenever a dragon is near by. Just cuz. You also transcend all fantasy universes and supply the dragons in the Triwizard Tournament.
    But automatically you are a crazy mother fucker.
  13. @bjnovak - in an Inn somewheres makin edible arrangments and bred shaped like animals. Let's face it. You are Hot Pie.
  14. @xtineengels - beyond the wall. You are one of The Children. And girl. You look a model straight outa an evanescence video. You literally shoot fire. #Killinit