1. You're very proud of them.
  2. But at the same time...
  3. You want to murder them all.
  4. Because it's actually disgusting how successful they all are
  5. Like literally disgusting.
  6. But then also at the same time, you're doing okay too.
  7. And overall it's just cool to share the same last name with some bomb ass people who are doing cool shit and killin the game.
  8. I guess I just love you, you bastard people.
  9. Also it's nice to know that if you totally fail at life, you'll have 6 other successful siblings you can live with in their mansion.
    My life plan currently involved me sleeping in my little sister's mansion basement as a 35 year old while she's a doctor finding a cure for literally all the diseases. Idk, she probably invents a time machine too and also takes over the fashion dynasty. UGH CURSE MY LITTLE SISTER.
  10. But also at the same time...fuck all yall.
  11. And can't wait ta see you all this summer!
    I'm sure I'll have my shit together by then.
  12. But until then...
  13. P.S.