Everyone is coming home for the holidays and the wifi can only take so much at the same time. This is basically what happens...
  1. Mom: *watches Netflix*
    B37a853c 2f42 4950 9992 03148a5428de
  2. Wifi:
    D4deb371 9bba 4aa7 8f2b beb13fbd297c
  3. Dad: *watches Netflix on a separate screen with his computer upstairs*
    B1f85606 7e5b 49f1 bdbb f8f72e329385
  4. Wifi:
    B88d766b 3ef6 4777 bb66 00ec6e57c0ba
  5. Younger sister: *does whatever the hell she does with her tablet*
    2ba3ca65 37e2 49f7 99f3 f92f409d3056
  6. Wifi:
    08868c02 765e 4a79 baea cdac613e18a4
  7. Older sister: *watches tv on illegal websites using her laptop upstairs*
    C80bf83b 14a2 4392 ac6f 43fce4223d16
  8. Wifi:
    1ed78bf7 20f7 4d99 a25e d34f0b532812
  9. Me: *constantly using phone to look in List App*
    91e888c9 5f54 4c0f 9aac d902b6520664
  10. Wifi:
    71f881e2 fd5b 4042 a1cb f807656803cd
  11. Me: *still has phone out but then also takes out laptop while my sister is two feet away using her tablet*
    90e86b7c e1b3 41aa 9fe9 d99cfcedc7fc
  12. Wifi:
    Ae101f4c c996 49e9 92fc f5c50fcafee5