1. 90% of TV is made up of Australians trying to pull off American accents.
    50% of them succeed. 50% of them don't.
  2. Lee Pace is an actual witch/spy because I thought he as British for the longest time AND HES NOT HES AMERICAN.
  3. Vampires wear black leather jackets. Werewolves wear brown leather jackets.
  4. It is a law in the State of California that in the MTV hit TV show, "Teen Wolf",every straight male character must have a gay male character as a best friend.
  5. The Batman vs. Superman movie was never actually made. It only exists as a never ending hell of trailers.
  6. Clouds...are weird.
  7. The Ocean is the new frontier.
  8. Tom Cruise is an Alien?
  9. Boy puppies look like the dad dog. Girl puppies look like the mahm dog.
  10. My Mahm's Banana bread could potentially be the key to world peace.
  11. If you ever see a person with one of their pant legs rolled up, they are not apart of a cult. They just ride bikes.
    Read all about it in my novel, The Mystery of Fall Semester 2015.