Look. I have a rule that I don't list about emotional things until I give myself at lease 24 hours to settle down and just breath. (LOL WHO AM I KIDDING NO I DONT HAHAHAHAHA GOODBYE LIST APP.)
  2. I just
  3. I just feel like I need to fast after seeing that movie.
  4. Or do something spiritual.
  5. I physically want to hold hands with everyone in the world
  6. And I want us all to embrace this movie
  7. Literally goodbye forever.
  8. I just worked for 12 hours straight and immediately went to go see this movie right after.
  9. I'm exhausted
  10. I'm emotional
  11. I'm pretty sure there's not enough oxygen going to my brain right now
  12. I probably need to go to sleep
  13. But like listen
  14. I knowwwww some of you will think this movie is meh.
  15. But I swear to god if you step to me...oh my god. Oh my god. Don't do it. Like don't. Don't do it.
  16. K bye gonna throw up now buh bye.
  17. (My one criticisms: I'm pretty sure African women didn't just sing all the time. Like they did other stuff. K bye.)
  18. (Author's note: Literally me right now.)
  19. K goodbye for actually so long. I NEED TIME bye.