This is for all you list appers who stay up till 3 in the morning scrollin on ya damn phone. If you aren't sleepy by the end of this, you need help.
  1. I'm just sooooo sweeeeepy
  2. I just wanna take a nnnyaaaaaap.
  3. I just...I just wanna cozy up wit my wittle buddies and go to sweeeeep.
  4. I just wanna curl up as tighhhhhht as my lil butt can and get a lil shut eyeeeeeeee.
  5. Oh my gosh I'm just so sweeeeeeeepy. Yawwwwwwwwwwwn.
  6. I just feel so comfortabbbbbble.
  7. Oh man everything feels comfortable at this point. I'm just so sweeeeeepy.
  8. Nomnomnom I wonder if anyone else is as sweepy as meeee...
  9. I hope someone else is as sweepy as me. It's so comfy and warm and cuddly and oh man I'm just so sweeeeepy swooooo.
  10. I just...
  11. I...I just...
  12. Its just that...
  13. I just wuvvvvvv sweeeeeping.
  14. And you should too.
  15. Now go to bed you filthy animal.
    Yeah. I know this list was weird. I'm not sorry. I'm sweepy.