1. Buuuuuuut...
  2. I've been taught to listen before I speak.
  3. And there's been a lot to listen to this week.
  4. Being articulate in arguing a point is not one of my greatest skills
    In fact, I suck ass at it.
  5. But it's a skill you gotta have. Especially if you're trying to make your own important points in a conversation with extremely smart people, each skillfully delivering their own different view points in ways that are a bit intimidating to a person who's main form of communicating intense feelings is through Britney Spears GIFs.
  6. So I listened a lot to all of these lists from the past couple of days
    Lists like @musesofamustardseed 's and @simplyshelli 's to name a few
  7. Listened to a lot of other things too
  8. And was able to put forth a pretty compelling argument that not only got my points across in a clear and effective way, but also made the conversation move forward instead of in the usual downward spiral of raised voices and "fuck you" glares.
    This is rare.
  9. And I don't think that would have happened
  10. If I didn't have all of you guys and your lists and tons of other people and their experiences as my sources that gave me enough ammunition (beyond my own shit knowledge) to get my point across.
  11. This list isn't saying a whole lot.
    It's not a pat on the back and good god I hope it doesn't sound like it.
  12. But a lot of your lists are.
    Where my words and lack of ability to use gifs IRL fail me, your words go a long way.
  13. So yep. I'm trying to use my voice in the most effective way.
  14. But right now Im just trying to use it to say thanks.
  15. So thanks.