Happy Easter.
  1. Have you ever seen a smart baby? I don't mean like "oh look he fit a block into its appropriate shape" smart. I mean like "you can see it in their eyes/ there is an old man inside that baby" intelligent baby.
  2. Well. I have.
  3. It's always at church. I sit in the pew behind them and I look up and there's a baby staring at me. So naturally I do like a stupid smile.
  4. But then this baby just kept on staring...
  5. And not only that, but it was looking directly into my eyes... And not with the glazed over eyes and bobbley head most babys have...
  6. But like with concentrated and thinking eyes and a composed face. Like that baby was looking at me like I was a test subject and she was making mental observations.
  7. I would look around to see if anyone was noticing this...but literally everyone was paying attention to the Mass and me and this alien baby we're just in a twilight zone of our own where I was seriously questioning if this baby was actually human and whether or not it was an Alien come to take notes on earth.
  8. I was literally in a stare down with this baby. Her eyes were literally laughing at me.
  9. And then she like did this creepy smile thing while still staring directly at me. It was like her eyes were actually saying "they're neva gonna believe you Mary...I'm just a dumb baby...ya neva gonna convince anyone..."
  10. I almost mentally cussed at a baby you guys.
  11. But then it turned away and we resumed with Easter Mass.
  12. So yeah.
  13. I think I met the Antichrist today.