Inspired by @ShawnKelly 😽
  1. Intense feelings of hatred towards random celebrities for no reason at all
  2. Intense feelings of respect for a select few celebrities for no reason at all
  3. Giving random attack hugs - specifically to people who claim they "don't like hugs" or "Mary I'm serious stop" or "you're hurting me Mary stop" or "now you're literally slobbering over me STOP" (but in reality they really love it @katiemurphy)
  4. Crying over period piece dramas
  5. Crying whenever anyone offers you food - especially little Debbies. But really any food. It's the gesture that counts.
  6. Are constantly making lists and constantly asking yourself, "have I gone too far this time?..."
  7. Can't spell ("or rather, are furiously typing away and don't even bother to check the spell check because it's the passion BEHIND the words that count, not the words themselves." -Mary Murphy, 2016.)
  8. Curling up into a little ball and rolling away any time someone asks you what your major is and what your doing with your life
  9. Confused about unironic dramatic people
  10. Confused about rich people
  11. Confused about pretentious people
  12. Confused about the movie PAN
  13. Intense aspirations to be Lara Croft
  14. Excessive usage of GIFS
  15. Excessive usage of cuss words
  16. Excessive usage of all caps
  17. Excessiveness in general
  18. Hermione year 2 hair (most of the time)
  19. Have the fashion of an upscale Gypsy just trying to make her way up to the power suits worn in the hit 1988 cult classic, "Heathers".
  20. Are actually afraid of the spirits inside used furniture / antique stores
  21. An indifference towards animals making you question if you actually have a soul.
    Jk me and animals are chill they just don't really care about me much for some reason. Like we're just like "sup" and move on with our lives.
  22. Suddenly suspicious of twins
  23. Suddenly suspicious of everything
  24. Able to go above and beyond when it comes to scaring/pranking your mom
  25. Unable to get out of bed because you just binged watch a thousand trash shows.
  26. A good dancer
  27. An eclectic taste in music
  28. A bit of crazy in your eyes
  29. Steal all of your sister's clothes
  30. The inability to say words correctly/form a coherent sentence.
  31. Overall weakness/lack of physical strength
  32. Silently observe everyone on the outside while doing this on the inside