I would be the worst.
  1. Okay so there's this thing called chemistry...and like we're all made up of atoms n shit...
  2. Ummm...sanitation is important so like clean up and what not.
  3. Ummm...rats are gonna be a problem for you guys I'm pretty sure.
  4. The moon? Yeah we go to it. How? Um we build like a ship. Oh, how does it work? Ummmmm....well...thrusters...um...
  5. What's gravity? Well it's Ummm...you see it's like...ummmm....
  6. There's also this thing called quantum physics? Don't look at me I have no fucking clue. Like apparently if I do something on one side of the universe, a mirror image of that thing is happening on the complete opposite side of the universe? Idk I think my physics teacher once told me that or something.
  7. Medicine? Uhhhhh....well...I guess we use chemicals n shit...I have no idea.
  8. What kind of future person am I? Hell, I guess not a good one sorry.
  9. How does the Internet work? Fuck me GEEZ you guys are inquisitive.
  10. What's electricity? I...I don't...I don't know.
  11. You're gonna stone me now? Okay fair enough.