Oh ma gordddddd literally just watched episode IV (ROMAN NUMERALS WHAT EVEN BTW) mmmmkay...
  1. Ugh my sister Addie would probably be Princess Leia
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  2. @joemurphy would be bitch boi Luke Skywalker
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    Hehe sucks to suck. (Forever and always the Edmund.)
  3. My older brother, Sam, who is actually a douchey McDouchewad pilot would be Han Solo who is also a douchey McDouchewad pilot.
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  4. Ugh I'de probably be angsty Anakin.
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    In fact I know I would be angsty Anakin.
  5. @katiemurphy would be Queen of Naboo
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    Whale Rider Edition
  6. My oldest brother would be Lando.
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    No doubt no doubt.
  7. My oldest sister would be Sabé
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    A la Keira Knightley