Based on some of the things that have happened to me.
  1. If you ever give me lil Debbies out of the goodness of your heart - I will cry.
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  2. If I ever met Beyonce - I would cry.
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  3. If you tell me there isn't another season of Poldark coming out - I will cry.
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  4. If you say "hey let's go get icecream" when I'm having a real shitty day - I. Will. Cry.
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  5. Basically if you give me food out of the goodness of your heart - I will cry.
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  6. If you ever tell me years from now that Niall Horan has actually gotten fat but he's happy - I'll shed a single tear, and move on.
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    It's inevitable.
  7. Idk I guess if I have a baby or some shit.
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  8. If I watch Warrior again I'll cry and that's a damn known fact.
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  9. But yeah no honestly if you give me food chances are I'll cry 60% of the time.
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