Knowing Which TV Characters Are Australian, and Other Skills I Have

I'm really good at spotting out Australian actors you guys. They're only everywhere on the CW. 🙄duh.
  1. Knowing when shows use a B list actor more than once as different characters on one show.
    This happens ALL THE TIME on supernatural and I love love love it. I guess there are only a limited number of Canadian actors and they just have to recycle. Amazing. This guy has been in it 5 times over the course of 12 years.
  2. Being a human IMDB.
    This actor was in Supernatual for literally less than a minute and I knew she was in something else.
  3. So basically here's what happens when I know a C-list actor is in something else. Y'all ever seen Avatar the Last Airbender? You know when intense things happens and Aang suddenly goes into the avatar state?
    That me. I can only return from the spirit world once I've gone through the archives of my trash television mind palace and found where the actor is from. Anyway.
  4. Finding Easter eggs
  5. Twitter Polls
  6. Photoshopping my friends on Snapchat
  7. Being a true ✨fan✨
  8. Being an ✨intellectual✨