Late Night Show Host If They Were To Be Cast In Hamilton

Yes, I'm aware this is a gross list. Anyway.
  1. Jimmy Fallon as Aaron Burr, Sir.
    🎶talk more...don't let them know what you're against or what you stand for🎶
  2. John Oliver as John Laurence
    Can you imagine.
  3. Jimmy Kimmel as Hercules Mulligan / James Madison
  4. Conan O'Brian as King George III
    The more I write this the more perfect it becomes.
  5. David Letterman as George Washington
  6. Stephen Colbert as Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson
    This is almost ~too~ perfect. My god.
  7. Jon Stewart as Alexander Hamilton
  8. Trevor Noah as Phillip Hamilton
  9. Chelsea Handler as Maria Reynolds
  10. Oprah as Angelica Schuyler
  11. Ellen as And Peggy
  12. James Corden as Eliza Schuyler Hamilton