I, Mary Murphy, Passive Aggressive foe of Chloë G Moretz, Proclaimer of JESSICA CHASTAIN EVERYBODY 👏👏👏 and Keeper of Fire GIFs, have now added a new title. That's right. I am now the official unofficial Keeper of List App Records.
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    I have seen both seasons of Peaky Blinders a total of 6 times. Six. Times.
    Don't FOOK with me.
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    I've watched all 9 seasons of The Office four times
    Suggested by @k8mcgarry
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    I've seen every episode of Girls an average of 2.5 times
    Suggested by @biz
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    Friends : honestly can't keep track at this point
    More than 7 times tho
    Suggested by @Lisa_Fav
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    West Wing
    2 1/2 times. Mostly because of @cricketbuchler
    Suggested by @WhelmedDad
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    Magnum p.i.
    At least 10 times each.
    Suggested by @jennifergster
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    I've watched the entire series of The Office 9 whole times
    Giphy downsized medium
    don't judge me 😩😩
    Suggested by @woahsyd
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    Seasons 1 and 2 upwards of 20x. But it's easy since there's only 3 episodes per season.
    Suggested by @sarasummers212
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    I've watch the entirety of 30 Rock 8 times 🍋
    Suggested by @spicymeatball
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    The West Wing
    3.5 times
    Suggested by @DawnCloud
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    I've watched Gilmore Girls all the way through once a year since I was 10, so I guess 10 times (plus more on sporadic occasions).
    Suggested by @krmckinstry
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    I've watched the entire Ally McBeal series 6 times (that I remember for sure but maybe 7 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
    Suggested by @solena
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    I can't even count how many times I've watched every single episode of Sex and the City..
    A Lot.. Cheers! 🍸
    Suggested by @shanaz
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    About 4 times in full, 527 if you count YouTube clips
    Suggested by @joemurphy
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    Game of Thrones
    About 1.7 times
    Suggested by @joemurphy
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    Band of Brothers
    I'm gonna say 6
    Suggested by @joemurphy
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    Sports Night
    At least 3 times
    Suggested by @loriatx
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    Ten seasons. Twice. SOMEBODY SAAAVE MEEE
    Suggested by @e
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    Game of Thrones
    Four times. I started watching midway through season 3 and I power watched all the past episodes in the middle of the last hellish week of the semester and now I rewatch before every new season 😮 but seriously, Jon Snow 😍😍
    Suggested by @e
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    My whole family has watched Friday Night Lights more times than we can count
    Suggested by @liamduncandonuts
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    It's going to sound ridiculous, and I understand if you don't believe me, but I've watched The Office all the way through more times than I can count. I spent a lot of time in the hospital and The Office brought me so much joy. I'd say I've watched all available seasons close to once a month since 2010.
    Suggested by @waaaycho
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    Bob's Burgers, each season 10+ times
    Suggested by @daniellesmale
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    Entirety of the office five time, the earlier seasons (up to season six probably) seven times. 🙈
    Suggested by @nathanielrepay
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    I did the math. I've watch 30 Rock 14 times through AT MINIMUM (I go through the series at least 3 times a year since it ended, plus watched it over and over when it aired)
    I've also seen all of Friends, Parks and Rec, Sex and the City, Mad Men, and Bob's Burgers 5-10 times. Someone send help.
    Suggested by @sarahgorman
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    Breaking Bad: 3 times, with the exception of the final episode (only once)... (Saying goodbye is hard, okay?)
    Suggested by @lindseyryanb
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    Grey's Anatomy
    I've watched every season to prepare me for the next season every year since the second year. So it's the 11th season this year (12th?) which means I've seen the first season 12 times, the second season 11 times etc... Don't even with me because I KNOW how sick this is. I (and everyone around me) can tell when I'm watching too much Grey's Anatomy when I begin monologue-ing on a routine basis. This is also a confession because I have managed to keep this secret for too long.
    Suggested by @migmags
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    Scrubs! I watched this throughout high school and college. Prob at least 7 times all the way through.
    Suggested by @lyds942
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    The OC Season 1
    I really don't know how many times, I've lost count. Sorry not sorry.
    Suggested by @dev
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    30 Rock
    At least five times all the way trough the series.
    Suggested by @mvkeane
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    I've watched every season of every series ever created at least 5 times
    I have no life, never sleep, and own 10 TVs (all with DVR/DVD/VHS/BETA set-ups and a backup generator for when the power goes out). HahahahhahahahaHA!
    Suggested by @lynn0826
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    I watched The Office and Parks and Rec DVDs so many times, I can quote the DVD commentaries.
    Suggested by @Boogie