1. So like...are the Eagles at the end...like the Americans at the end of WWII?
  2. So does that make the Hobbits the British?
  3. Would that mean the Men are the Jews?
  4. Hitler is Sauron?
  5. And the Wizards are like Churchill, FDR, and Stalin?
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  6. With Stalin obviously being Saruman?
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  7. Does that mean Gandalf is Churchill?
  8. Does that mean FDR was the weird lil forest wizard?
  9. The elves would be the French. Bc duh.
  10. The dwarves...are the Russians? Nah...
  11. The men on the elephants are Japan?
  12. "The Hobbit" was actually WWI.
  13. Greener Wormtongue is Mussolini? Eh? This is a stretch.
  14. The Riders are the SS commanders
  15. The orks are the Italians?
  16. the ring is the knowledge of the atomic bomb?
    Suggested by @arthritis