*cue dramatic movie trailer music* In a world...where Aliens have come to planet earth...its up to one girl...to stop them from destroying our planet by explaining to them complicated jargon of the english language that she really doesn't understand herself. Her name is Mary. And it's up to her to save. the. entire. human. race. *DUH DUH DUH*
  1. Okay...okay so "chickens coming home to roost"...yeah haha that's a weird one, I know Mr. Alien Sir. Ummmm...okay so it's like...its likkkke...karma? Like I guess when you do something and then later you have to face the consequences? Cuz chickens go out into the world but then they always come back to roost just like our actions come back to us?
    What does "roost" mean? Um...Next question.
  2. "Best thing since sliced bread"? Right. Okay. Yeah okay. Okay so I think some King said that one time at a party, and like, while everyone was looking at each other like "wtf is he talking about???" they just all started laughing because they were afraid he would kill them if they didn't. From then on it just caught on.
    Sliced bread is supposedly a good idea? Yeah. Next question, Alien overlords. Hit me.
  3. "Curiosity killed the cat!" ...right. No. No ma'am it doesn't actually kill the cat haha, we are a humane(ish) planet I asssssure you Mrs. Alien. So like this one means that being inquisitive can be dangerous. Why are cats curious? I...I don't know. I feel like they hold all the answers in the universe though.
  4. "Damnnnnn Daniel"?!???!!!?!? No one told me you guys didn't know what memes are?!?!? *starts to sweat profusely*
  5. What's a "Kim Kardashian"? Um. Ha. *panics and runs over to big red button and slams fist down on it and destroys earth.*