"Mary. Literally no one asked you why you are crying."

Well too bad because I'm gonna tell you anyway.
  1. Because I fucked up my already slightly fucked up phone and it's now cracked to hell because I dropped it.
  2. Because I then tried to take a picture of the cracked screen by screenshoting my screen like the idiot that I am.
  3. Because I just watched an hours worth of tutorial videos and am overwhelmed as hell because iiiiiiiii understaaaaaaaaand NOTHINGGGGGGG.
  4. Because this is my professor:
  5. ...
  6. But also he's like this:
  7. Because group projects
  8. Because responsibilities that come up out of no where and bite you in the ass.
  9. Because this is me on the inside
  10. And because this is me on the outside.
  11. Because I hate technology and want to suck all of the world's technology into a tiny golden ring that I would then journey with all the way to Mount Doom where I would cast in back into the fiery pits from whence it came.
  12. Because I should have done my homework like a thousand years ago instead of literally sending myself straight to hell the night before.