"Mary Why Are You Crying?"

I'm not, but you know
  1. Because ice cream is so expensive
  2. Because this week is hell
  3. Because showers are hard
  4. Because season 2 of Poldark
  5. Because I'm in like 5 different group projects
  6. Because Disney World is so expensive
  7. Because studying abroad is hard
  8. Because I actually hate myself for binge watching Once Upon A Time
  9. Because I actually broke my ass and scratched up my knees riding a bike and I remembered what physical pain is
  10. Because love isn't real
  11. Because love is real thanks to @gremlin
  12. Because I watched a clip from that new "This is us" show thinking it wasn't gonna be a big deal but then got sucker punched right in the Gd balls
  13. Because sometimes I just like to cry