Inspired by @mackenzieo
  1. When my mom said I could have the rest of her lil Debbie Christmas Trees that her Sunday School Class did not eat.
    Did I cry? Yes. Ask @joemurphy. You have to understand that usually I have to steal food from my mom and I always get in trouble and so when she actually gave it to me, well...😭 I got rul emotional.
  2. When @joemurphy and I were like 6 and 4 and woke up at 5:30 in the morning to make juice from those frozen juice things because we thought we were so sneaky and it would surprise mom because we made juice!
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    All you do is dump it in a pitcher of water I'm pretty sure but omg did we make good juice! I was so excited that it was a surprise and I have been chasing that thrill ever since.
  3. Riding down the Jurassic Park ride at Universal Florida with ma fam.
  4. When I quit my highschool soccer team to go to Disney World.
    Literally said "Fuck this im going to Disney World" and then actually went to Disney World. ✌️
  5. Every single time I HUG MA MAHM
  6. When I came home from work one night and I went to go to bed and my mom replaced my sack of potato not-even-a-mattress with my sister's old mattress.