A variety of delightful movies that are unrecognized for their chill ability to hang.
  1. In Bruges
    This movie can hang. Recommended if you don't know what to watch and want something fresh.
  2. Scott Pilgrim vs the World
    The movie and I can haaaaaaaaang.
  3. Lo Impossible
    Omg can this movie hang. It's real good and the little kids in this movie slay harder than any other kid actors I can thing of.
  4. Tomboy
    I watched this on YouTube. It can most definitely hang. I cried.
  5. Amelie
    I like just saw this movie. The French can haaaaaaang like damn.
  6. The Brothers Bloom
    This movie is straight up delightful. Like not only can it hang but it's soundtrack can hang too.
  7. True Grit
    This movie unexpectedly can hang tbh.
  8. Zombieland
    Just when you think this movie can't get any better, Bill Murray has a cameo.
    Suggested by   @LizDawson