1. Hillary Swank
  2. My sister's cat
  3. Jeremy Renner
    *charges* "FOR J LO!!!!!"
  4. This kid who threw me under the bus at my work one time.
    Murderrrrrrrrrr had never been more tempting.
  5. For the 911 call.
  6. My sister
    For throwing milk in my face. And also not letting me watch X-men bc it was pg-13.
  7. My other sister @katiemurphy
    For 1. locking me in the game cupboard and 2. The DAMN whale bucket and 3. For not letting me use the Barbie bubbles YOU BATH TIME TYRANT.
  8. My other brother
    For literally everything but mainly for calling me the DUFF of the family.
  9. Yep. I'm basically gonna kill half my family.