1. When he struggled with the reviews of Captain America
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  2. When he didn't struggle with the reviews of Maze Runner as much
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  3. When I told him I was going out
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  4. When he went outside for the first time in 87 years
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  5. When he had to get up at the...
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  6. When he admitted his love for T-Swift
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  7. When he just reallllllly wanted breakfast
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  8. When he just reallllllly wanted dinner
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  9. When he made it out of ATL alive
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  10. When he had a thought
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  11. When he had another thought
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  12. When I told him I was going to a party
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  13. This
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  14. When this happened
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  15. When he finally got back on snap chat after 87 years
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  16. And finally
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  17. When he spoke truth about his following to followers ratio on Twitter
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