1. Advertising - Slytherin
    Cut throat Slytherin Advertising Majors. Always looking for an angle. Sometimes v elite. Always scheming. V conniving and smart though. Sometimes bitches. I don't trust them.
  2. Public Relation - Hufflepuff
    Generally well liked and nice to everyone. All about self image. A little too into themselves and love attention but pretend they don't. But overall good spokes people who always have something positive to say. A little cliquey.
  3. Entertainment and Media Studies - Gryffindor
    Because DAMN you are either really stupid or extremely brave to major in this shit. Lazy AF and things are always a disaster but they are the major that has the most fun. Crew is always tight but there are always #fueds. Sometimes v annoying because they are pop culture and movie/TV show whores. Always judging everyone. But also v attractive. (Obvs bc this is my major.)
  4. Journalism - Ravenclaw
    Poor, poor, poor journalism students. Always writing stuff down and doing research. EXTREMELY smart and clever and work really hard but oh my goodness do they get shit on and are p under appreciated. But also sometimes they are pretentious assholes so #notthatsorry. Overall v passionate people who sometimes stick their nose up at New Media because they think they are better than them. But like they know they are ridiculous.