1. This bus driver on my campus that plays Harry Potter audio books over the speakers.
  2. This little boy who was in a cart his grandma was pushing at Target. He was just immersed in his own little world with this napkin. Like he made that inanimate object look like the coolest and best toy he's ever had. Like he was talking to the napkin like it was his best friend.
    I don't think I've ever had a relationship that could even compare to how in love that little boy was with that freaking napkin. He was talking to it and I started laughing and I probably was staring for too long and things got weird.
  3. This dog that did not give a fuggggggggg about me or anyone else.
  4. This 102 year old women at church who straight up threw THE most shade at this little boy who was being a brat in front of her and his parents weren't doing shit. I'm pretty sure she turned to her 109 year old husband and said "I'm too old for this shit." He started cackling and it was awesome.