1. First I move to Canada and quickly move up the ranks till I am queen of Canada.
  2. Canada is the new America.
  3. Then, we form an allegiance with India.
  4. We then become the most successful countries in the WORLD leaving the U.S. and China in our dust.
  5. Once I am queen of Canada, I kidnap Sam and Dean from the set of Supernatural which is filmed in Canada.
  6. I tell them if I can't have them, THAN NO ONE CAN.
  7. Because of this, the Super Supernatual Super Fans storm D.C. and take over the Capital, declaring war on Canada for the capture of two American citizens and their gods, Dean and Sam.
  8. They try to bargain for Castiel but I throw a donut at them and shout like mad man that HES ALREADY CANADIAN, BITCHES.
  9. I then take Dean and Sam and baptize them in the blood of a thousand Canadian lambs. As one does to become a Canadian citizen.
  10. I hang out with Ryan Reynolds and Anna Kendrick like a lot. I'm always like "hahaha Anna what are you even doing here?? Girl your so random now TAKE THIS SHOT YOU BETCH hahaaaaa."
  11. The Queen of England throws shade at me like allllll the time. A lot of Margery/Cersei vibes.
  12. As queen of Canada, I put all our money into our Navy so we can explore the new frontier that is the ocean. We discover mermaids.
  13. The mermaids tell me that the Hemsworth brothers are actually mermen. They were taken from the queen mermaid when they were merebabies.
  14. I make a deal with the Queen Mermaid. I will return her sons to her if she betroths one of her sons to me. It's a deal.
  15. I reunite the Royal Merfamily.
  16. I strengthen my alliance with the newly discovered merefolk by marrying Chris Motherfuckin Hemsworth. He stays human for me. Our children are so hot.
  17. So.
  18. I now have power over Canada, India, and the mother feckin Ocean.
    Oh yeah I've released Sam and Dean to return to America because I have a hot husband by now.
  19. And that is my plan for world domination.
  20. ✌️