1. So YA girl and @caitlinwasko went to our school's observatory to look at some stars n shit.
  2. I thought we were just gonna be on a roof looking through bb telescopes.
  3. But nah.
  4. It was this big ass telescope that had been broken for years and our school just fixed it!
  5. Tonight was the big unveiling of this newly fixed giant ass scope.
  6. Lemme tell you that crowd of 12 people was ROWDY.
  7. But anyway we looked at Jupiter and saw the big four moons orbiting it. It was legit.
  8. I think I kept on saying wowwwwwwww wayyyyyy too audibly.
    I may have also blacked out idk it was all just too cool.
  9. We didn't catch the name of the women who was going around answering questions and telling us cool shit, but she looked like a solid Pam.
  10. She was crazy enthusiastic and loved that we were non science majors asking the most questions.
  11. I tired to make a Guardians of the Galaxy reference but it was not appreciated.
  12. But yall. Shpace is cool as fuckkkkkkkk.
  13. If you have kids you should take them to an observatory.
  14. My mom did that for us when we were #hewmschooled and while we may not have been as super enthusiastic about it then, I feckin appreciate that she took us now.
  15. It was legit.
  16. I'm changing my major to physics now.
  17. GOOD DAY, sirs.
  18. (This is what we saw btw)
  19. (This is what people saw when they looked at me looking at SHpace.)