Because apparently "Mary" isn't a long enough name to yell at me with.
  1. Mary Anne
    Someone yells this usually after I make too many lord of the rings references. I'm pretty sure half my classmates think this is my actual name thanks to certain monsters. @natcorbs @wrchrt @deredithmenucci
  2. Mary Anne Walters
    I don't know why this is a thing. But @deredithmenucci used it once and now people are confused.
  3. Mary Margaret Murphy
    I think people just like to imagine that I'm a triple "M" threat and so they fill in the blank of a middle name themselves. But also, WHY ISNT JUST "Mary" ENOUGH?!? (Also, the weird thing is that one of my grand mom's name was Margaret and the other's was Anne. #spooky)
  4. Mary Ella
    Usually following a sigh and a"ohhhhhhhh....." and usually coming out of @aliaegan 's mouth.
  5. Mare
    Yes, like the horse. Only used by la familia and friends I give the approval to.