Nerd References in Supernatural, Ranked

Gawd damn I love this show. As much as he like to make fun of nerds, Dean is such a closet geek.
  1. 18.
    Die Hard
  2. 17.
    Star Wars
  3. 16.
  4. 15.
    God I love their LOTR references
  5. 14.
    This is an actual episode where they go into an alternate universe that is actually them as actors in real life.
    Have I mention that I LOVE THIS SHOW???
  6. 13.
    Even when he's evil he's a nerd.
  7. 12.
    Somehow keeps up with current star treks.
    And I love it.
  8. 11.
  9. 10.
    Hunger Games
  10. 9.
    Same. Literally would not be as invested in this show if they didn't use movie references as much as I use movie references in my day to day life.
  11. 8.
  12. 7.
    There are so many Harry Potter references you guys.
  13. 6.
  14. 5.
  15. 4.
    They even slip Zoolander in there.
  16. 3.
    Also at one point they binge watch GoT like the rest of us.
  17. 2.
  18. 1.
    And he knows it.
    And we love it.