Inspired by @mackenzieo (now #feuding is not to be confused with #killList and so therefore there will be no mention of people like Hillary Swank or Juliet. Gracias.)
  1. Chloë G Moretz
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  2. Jeremy Renner
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    I haven't forgotten the Golden Globes comment Jeremy. And trust me, neither has J-Lo. She is physically radiating hatred upon you in this pic.
  3. Domhnall Gleeson
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    *walks into dimly lit interrogation room. Walks slowly around table Domhnall Gleeson is chained to. Jumps! Slams fist on table! Grabs swinging overhead light right and hold it over his head* "HOWD YOU GET ALL THOSE MOVIES THIS YEAR?! HUH? WHO IS YOUR CONTACT?" (For real though he has been in everything.)
  4. Daenerys Targaryen
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    You are on THIN ICE with me rn.