Lol @brynelle you funnayyyyy.
  1. Amy Schumer
    For when I need a really good come back and want to drag people to filth.
  2. Mad Eye Moody
    So he can use his magical eye to scout out all my enemies.
  3. So he can tell me every single Disney fact ever if I ever get myself into a Disney Trivia night fight. Also so we can be BFFS IRL.
  4. So we can just mentally highfive each other everytime we make a reference that nobody else understands.
  5. So she can show me what clothes to buy bc her fashion is 🔥. Also I feel like she'd tell me who my realllllll friends are.
  6. Albert Einstein
    So I could be a mufugin genius.
  7. Gene from @IDIOTSITTER
    So I can stay fresh, always.
  8. Tina from Bob's Burgers
    So I can see all da butts from every vantage point.