People I Have #Crushed Hard On

Like I don't like/love/am obsessed with them. It's purely a #crush. Do not confuse these things.
  1. Before we begin, just to further CLARIFY what a #crush means:
    #crushes are more along the lines of IF I CANT HAVE THEM, THEN NO ONE CAN. But also like if these characters died I'de be okay. OKAY NOW THAT WE CLEARED THAT UP.
  2. Peter Pan
    I was 7 when I saw this. After we got out of the theater my mom asked if I liked it. I started giggling like a maniac and I think I just yelled IDK BUT I FEEL WEIRD HAHAHAAAA. And then I said I thought I would be a better Wendy. Then I think I said something inappropriate for a 7 yr old about Peter Pan being hot and then my mom did her signature "MARY!" And then I sheepishly laughed as I ran away from her. Definitely one of my first #major crushes.
  3. David Bowie
    DZAAAAAAAMN fuck it UPPPPPPP Davidddddd UGH.
  4. Robin Hood
    What a #fox.
  5. Bucky Barnes
    Uh oh. Someone's ear is in danger of having hair brushed over it.
  6. Tarzan
  8. Tarzan's Dad
  9. Shit, Tarzan's mom Tbh.
  10. Literally I will just crush hard on anything Tarzan.
  11. ASIDE (I just found this picture on here and it's now my most prized possession and when I die and try to enter the pearly gates of heaven but they stop me and say you can't take that with you, then I'LL JUST GO TO HELL.)
  12. This little boy...
  13. that I probably terrorized and pushed into the pool...
  14. because I probably had a #crush on him.
  15. .