Sandra Bullock
  1. I'm sorry Sandra Bullock
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    I used to hate you. For no reason. Like you were on my shit list with Sarah Jessica Parker, Hillary Swank, and Jennifer Garner. I don't know why I hate them, but I do. And I'm sorry Sandra Bullock.
  2. I'm sorry Sandra Bullock
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    I used to think you weren't pretty. You are pretty. You got the most beautiful women in the world award or something and then you were like "it's the inside that counts bitches" and I respected the hell outa you.
  3. I'm sorry Sandra Bullock
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    You actually are a very versatile and good actress and don't conform to the stereotypical Hollywood roles.
  4. I'm sorry Sandra Bullock
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    I liked you in Mrs. Congeniality. Even back then you were cool and I didn't appreciate you. I'm sorry.
  5. I'm sorry Sandra Bullock
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    You played a female astronaut like what a role model! WHY WAS I SO BLIND AND PREJUDICE UGH TAYLOR SWIFT WOULD BE ASHAMED OF ME.
  6. I'm sorry Sandra Bullock
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    You pulled off a movie about you driving a bus with Keanu Reeves. And it honestly worked. I'm sorry I didn't support you more.
  7. I'm sorry Sandra Bullock
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    I can't tell if you were being ironic when you accepted this role and THATS WHY I DONT TRUST YOU but I'm sorry because I know you weren't but this costume is a lil ridiculous just saying IM SORRY UGH.
  8. I'm sorry Sandra Bullock
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    I'm sorry I didn't back you up in this BOMB ASS MOVIE ABOUT A STRONG BUSINESS WOMAN. Ugh.
  9. I'm sorry Sandra Bullock
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    You're just SO DAMN VERSATILE. I saw you and I respected you in this movie.
  10. I'm sorry Sandra Bullock
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    And to make up for it I will now be starting a kickstarter campaign for you to be ironwoman BC GURL YOU DESERVE IT AND IM A PEICE OF SHIT FOR NOT LIKING YOU BEFORE.
  11. I'm sorry Sandra Bullock
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    You're like the original Jennifer Lawrence.
  12. I'm sorry Sandra Bullock
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    I'm sorry SB. You didn't deserve my hatred. Forgive me?
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