1. Nick Jonas. Obviously.
    1.In case you all forgot...MY HUNGER GAMES GAME PLAN IF MY PARTNER WAS NICK JONAS 2. He just seems like the ideal human tbh. I'm honestly really not obsessed with him. It's just he is perfect for me in any survival situation. End of discussion. 3. He seems like the chillest.
  2. Leonardo DiCaprio a la The Revenant
    He'd basically just carry me like that the whole time. We'd make a tent out of horse carcasses and the game makers would just be like "ew no why?" And ask us to leave instead of just trying to kill us because no one FUCKS with Leo a la The Revenant. Squwaaaaaa!
  3. Victoria Beckham
    Because a situation in which Victoria Beckham losses Does. Not. Exist. She would honest to gawd just fuck everybody up. And even though I'm her partner I still fear for my life. I'm constantly just trying to please her by finding us berries or something. But I'm too scared to give her the berries incase they're actually poison and she'll decapitate me with her razor sharp Prada heels if I give her fucking poisoned berries. I'm honestly just way too stressed for the wrong reasons in this arena.
  4. Mathew McConaughbae
    He would die in the first 5 minutes. But then he would appear to me as a ghost for the rest of the games saying random stuff like he does in True Detective or his Lincoln commercials. Overall, very unhelpful, but also at the same time weirdly soothing?
  5. Static
    We would honestly suck at surviving. We would argue all the time and honestly end up in a fight where we actually kill each other. But like we'd be maniacally laughing the whole time. Idk. It would just seem right.
  6. Daryl Dixon
    I would just be telling really bad jokes like all the time. He would do the rest of the work. I'd finally break down his walls and we'd cry together around our campfire. But even though I'm crying, on the inside I'm really sleazily smiling as I hug his biceps. 😎
  7. Jack - from Room
    He's just keep the moral up by saying cute shit all the time. I'm Brie Larson in this picture. My hair is disgusting and I'm probably sick. We last a day tbh. But it's worth it because I get to touch his hair.