I JUST saw a list of this but now I can't find it!! But it's inspired by that person. Anyway I think newbies have a difficult time getting followers. And some of these newbies write super cool stuff THAT I CANT RELIST ANYMORE @ li.st @listbot πŸ˜’. (v bitter) anyway post some newbies and maybe one of their li.sts!!!
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    Fun fact! @natcorbs has probably saved my ass in school like a billion times now! Also she probably knows way too much about me and I'm scared what she might reveal to y'all. ANYWAY - Natalie knows a lot about Harry Potter, it's a lil scary Dobby Needed To Be Stopped SO GIVE HER A FOLLOW (and some request Bc she's a bomb ass writer.) Also add people on here who should be followed ✌🏼️😎 peace n blessins y'all
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    My boyfriend @Northern_Orion
    Not only is he an opinionated passionate funny smart kindhearted jackass, he likes Disney, movies, music, current events, and he joined this "cult" as he calls it just for me so don't fuck this up gang. Do what you do best! Welcome him with open arms and then drag him to hell!
    Suggested by @michael_circa91
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    She has 3 days to reach 1000 followers y'all. Let's start 2017 off RIGHT.
    Suggested by @joemurphy
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    This is my beautiful friend @lizmulaski.
    I love her with all of my damn heart. She is one of my closest friends and she's only listed a few times and mostly just comes on the app to lurk me. SHE NEEDS TO LIST MORE THOUGH BECAUSE SHE IS SO FUNNY AND SO SMART AND SO INTERESTING. But she is "intimidated" by list which is silly cause I told her were lovely people! Anway, please follow her and I will continue bugging her to list more.
    Suggested by @brimattia
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    THIS is my big sister @CoachK
    Pros: she rows boats. she just a got a real cute dog. she's good at using words to make pretty sentences. she knows a lot about nutrition. Cons: she did not buy this raptor helmet when we were in Disney. Welp, pros outweigh the cons you have to follow her now it's science.
    Suggested by @mackenzieo
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    My niece @rebeccaja and my brother @dismal . Both are too smart and funny for their own good and definitely could use a kick in the ass to post more often.
    Suggested by @readjulia
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    Anyone who is anyone needs to follow @justjills !! I mean who can write such eloquent lists like LIVE LISTING DRUNK HISTORY WITH Lin-Manuel Miranda πŸ†She is amazing, heartfelt, hilarious and has great taste in books, beer and needlepoint creations:) It's a must that you follow this sweet soul!πŸ’›
    Suggested by @nikkilounoel
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    She's pretty cool I guess
    Suggested by @finesse
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    @colleen8464 ! She's a new lister!
    Here's her first list: What it's like to go a women's college and her second one was great too!
    Suggested by @amieshmamie
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    @wrchrt !!!!
    Brace yourself y'all. This app just got 200% more extra.
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    Everyone on li.st should follow these cool listers @solena @Boogie @andersun @BWN_7 @kiraandlulu @jennifergster @PeteOnEarth
    I forgot a bunch I know πŸ™„Please dont hate me 😬
    Suggested by @DanielaM
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    She's my best friend. This is a pic of her after she received an annoying text from someone while eating ravioli. She's great, puts up with me (what a saint!), and hates Ross Geller. What else do you need to know?
    Suggested by @sarahmccoy