I was homeschooled with my siblings in a cabin in the middle of the woods for like 7 years. But like we're not weird. We are all v social. We're v cool I swear.
  1. You (don't) get to wear your pjs to school
    Nope. This was the question I got asked most. And the answer is nope. My mom made us get dressed and we had to wake up just as early as er'body else. Why is this a perk? It isn't. I'm sorry.
  2. Your parent is your teacher!
    I don't know why I was ever worried about failing a test. Like my mom wasn't going to fail me, was she? ...WAS SHE? Having my mom as a teacher was tha best because I could cry all the time and she'd still help me with shit. Also I was one of those kids who would legit have a panic attack if I wasn't with my mom so 📢 shout out to my mom for coming in clutch.
  3. Lunch!
    My mom made us home cooked meals. Bagel with cheese on it was my favorite.
  4. Sibling bonding!
    By this I mean that thing where your mom goes out for her daily run and you and your siblings go crazy because you're all by yourself at home and so you try to roll @joemurphy into a burrito with a rug but actually roll the cat in it too leading to the cat freaking out and slashing my sister's face and blood getting everywhere so then you're other brother has to go and get your mom while you just kinda stand there looking at your screaming, bloody, sister and try not to faint. Such bonding!
  5. The art of bribery
    You can pay your siblings to do your work! I actually think @joemurphy did my handwriting exercise for free because HES A SLUT FOR CURSIVE LIKE THAT.
  6. You can go to the bathroom whenever you want
    When I went to public school this was one of my main concerns.
  7. We're like, rul smart
    All of my siblings are ridiculously smart. I am too, but like, they're real smart. Like I am in between two valedictorians. (MY PARENTS ARE REAL PROUD OF ME, I KNOW) But on the real, I'm not a valedictorian because I can't spell shet and I think in the 5th grade I stole the answer key book to my Algebra book and didn't learn a damn thing that year. So yeah. But hey I'm an upstanding citizen now so chill.
  8. You could get your work done ahead of time and have a free day!
    Taking your future into your own hands.
    My mom played classical music or this album called "December" that just had a bunch of piano in it. It was legit.
  10. Public libraries!
    The librarians knew us by name.
  11. Field trips!
    We went to the aquarium, we went to a national park, we went to the beach...it was all v chill.
  12. Non bullshit courses
    Sure we took basic courses but we also took thinks like Latin for 7 years and that was chill.
  13. Saying that you were homeschooled
    I never really appreciated how cool it was that we were homeschooled. Good job mom and dad 👍